Aksa Tanzania

We are here, very near...

Aksa Power Generation is the world’s 4th largest generator and generator accessories manufacturer. 
With a manufacturing facility based in our home country, Turkey, Aksa has become one of the nation’s largest exporters, providing more than half of our products to over one hundred countries.
Having manufactured our first genset in 1984, we have worked tirelessly to develop products that satisfy the needs and requirements of our clients.  Since then, Aksa has developed a comprehensive range of gasoline, diesel and natural gas-powered generating sets, marine generating sets, lighting towers and associated equipment (for example control panels, synchronization panels, load sharing, load shedding, paralleling with mains, automatic fuel filling systems, residential silencers, ISO certified containers, trailers and more).
We are among the first companies in the world to manufacture generators powered by natural gas. Through continued investments in research & development, and the adoption of latest technologies, Aksa aims to be the pioneer innovator in manufacturing environmentally friendly gensets. Our units are engineered to maximize efficiency, with lower noise & exhaust emissions and reduced fuel consumption. Aksa’s expertise and technology in synchronized generator sets is unsurpassed.
Aksa Power Generation is proud to be serving all regions of Tanzania; from residential and commercial sectors, to important national sectors, such as Natural Resource and Mining Supersector, Healthcare and Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Transportation Infrastructure, Financial Institutions, Hospitality/Tourism, Agro Business, Telecom/Telecommunications and other off grid applications